Panchthupi Haripada-Gouribala College
PO-Panchthupi, District-Murshidabad, PIN-742161, West Bengal

Future Plan

To prepare our future plans only financial paucity making it difficult. As because, our College is small naturally, with the average earnings it is very hard to make plans as per the needs. Yet we will not keep ourselves apart from Developments. We have made a structure on basic needs.

Such as:

A big Cultural room:

To organise cultural programmes of own. There is a Cultural Organisation at Panchthupi named as “Panchthupi Udayan” Several students of our college are engaged with the Organisation. In the present aspects, the cultural exercise keep the them healthier.  With the collaboration of INTAGH moral duty of our students would be to keep constant supervision on the Heritage mansions and places of this locality as such, the ancient immemorial place of ‘ Bouddha Vihar’ and to make publicity of it’s Historical Importance.

Garbage Recycle bin:

We wish to install 2 types of Dustbin more where
i) waste materials would be thrown away for easy mixing with the soil
ii) other is non-soluble of waste materials.

Eco Club:

We have a future plan to make ECO CLUB in our College. At the time of admission all the students will take membership of its and from this place they will alert regarding environmental situations. Magazines, News bulletin on environmental news would be kept in this club and seminar would be called for In every three alternative months and environmental specialist may be called for to deliver speeches on environment for thesake of our students.

Add On Course:

Suggested to introduce Add-on, a short term Continuing Education Courses with the collaboration of the Department of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension. University of Kalyani. We think, in addition to the present learning method to increase students interests in education and at the same time to decrease College Drop-out rates.

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Panchthupi, Panchthupi,(Near Panchthupi Bus Stand),
Burwan, Murshidabad, West Bengal, Pin-742161

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