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Annual magazine “Ushasi” is published regularly by our esteemed institution Panchthupi Haripada Gouribala College, Panchthupi, Murshidabad. Besides National and International Level Seminars are organized by the College with the funding of the University Grants Commission and at the institution's own initiative. In these seminars, distinguished professors from the state and outside the state as well as research students read thoughtful essays. These thoughtful essays have been published in book form by our colleges at various times in anthologies.

  1. Binodoner Bibartan
  2. D.L.Roy . Hasi ,Gan o Natoka
  3. Gramin Murshidabad ar Itihas sthapotyo o lok Aitihyo
  4. Political Behaviour of the People in India
  5. Usashi First edition
  6. Usashi

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