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PO-Panchthupi, District-Murshidabad, PIN-742161, West Bengal

About the Library:-

Panchthupi Haripada-Gouribala College which started its journey in 24th September 1996 is proud of its own journey and also of its own library. It is the nerve centre of the learning process in the college. Having more than 7332 books including reference books and a good number of journals/magazines the college always try to hold up its teaching learning process as well as research culture among students and staff.

This library is a member of N-LIST (a project funded by the MHRD through INFLIBNET) which provides electronic access to huge number of journals and e-books. The library provides open access to all teachers, staff and students through OPAC system. A reading room with seating capacity of 15 students and also with scope of internet surfing and a separate Career Counseling Corner with books and journals related to employment inspire the students of this backward area to be library centric.

  1. To understand the teaching and learning needs of its users;
  2. To Acquire and conserve all significant printed and non-print materials,
  3. Rendering of bibliographical and documents services of current and retrospective material, both general and specialized,
  4. To provide access to and promote the discovery and use of local and external information resources;
  5. To create hospitable physical and virtual environments for study, teaching and research,
  6. To advance local, national, and international library and information initiatives,
  7. To follow the mission of its parent organization.

The objectives of our Library are the five fundamental laws stated by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, the Father of the Library Science in India.

  1. Books are for use.
  2. Every reader his/her book.
  3. Every book its reader.
  4. Save the time of the reader.
  5. The library is a growing organism.

Library Advisory Committee :-
The advisory committee for the library consists of …

  1. Dr. Soma Mukhopadhyay, Principal of the college as Chairperson of the committee.
  2. Dr. Mintu Mondal, Asst.Prof. of the college as Convener of the committee.
  3. Amit Kumar Mondal, Librarian of the college as Secretary of the committee.
  4. Soma Thakur ,Head of the Philosophy department as member of the committee.
  5. Mihir Kumar Mondal ,Head of the Bengali department as member of the committee.
  6. Arnab Mukherjee, Head of the English department as member of the committee.
  7. Rebati Ranjan Ojha, Head of the History department as member of the committee.
  8. Avijit Mondal, Head of the Sanskrit department as member of the committee.
  9. Shampa Laha ,Asst.Prof. of the college as a member of the committee.
  10. Subir Chandra ,SACT of the college as a member of the committee.

General rules:-

  1. The users should enter their membership number, name and the entry time in the gate register kept at the security counter while they enter inside the library. Similarly; when they leave the library the leaving time should be entered in the gate register.
  2. Silence must be observed inside the library and loud talking is prohibited in all parts of the library. As the library is the place of individual study and research, members should conduct themselves to maintain an atmosphere conducive to this. Use of mobile phone inside the library is not permitted. Photography/videography inside the library is prohibited normally, but special permission can be obtained.
  3. Books should be handled with care. Marking on books is most objectionable and may lead to cancellation of membership privileges. Our College Library is following Open Access System and hence the members have the privilege of direct access to book shelves in the Stack and Reference. It is important that the classified arrangements of books according to the numbers, is maintained in the shelves for the convenience of the members themselves. A book could be freely taken out of the shelves; on no account should they be shelved by the members as they lead to misplacement of books. Such books may be left on the nearest table and the same will be shelved by the Library Staff.
  4. Full time teachers are allowed to lend maximum 08 books and SACT teachers are allowed to lend maximum 08books and non teaching staffs are allowed to lend maximum 04 books from the library. However, holding of books for 30 days, renewal is obligatory.
  5. An Honors stream student can access 2 books and general stream students can access 1 book at a time for 14 days and can renew a book for maximum14 days from the college library.
  6. Reading room facility is available from Monday to Friday 11.00am - 4.00 PM and Saturday 11.00am to 2.00pm .
  7. In case of loss of Library book, the latest edition of the lost book is to be replaced to the library. Decision on out of print books will be taken by the Library Committee.
  8. Borrowed books are to be returned before appearing any Semester Examinations. No Mark sheet will be issued unless library clearance is issued by the library staff.
  9. Reference books can be used within the library reading room only.

Library Time :-
Monday – Friday : 11.00am to 4.00pm
Saturday : 11.00am to 2.00pm


1 Total no of books 7332
2 Total no of Journals 118
3 Total no of Journal Subscribed 5
4 Total no of News papers 3
5 Total no of Magazine 0
6 Web OPAC facility Yes
7 Wifi facility Yes
8 Fully Automated Library Yes


The Library intents do perform the following activities in near future.

  1. Bring more books in general section, reference section and career counseling section.
  2. Separate Reading room with toilet and drinking water facility.
  3. Book exhibitions and book fair.
  4. Best reader award.
  5. Smart Card - This is another activity where additional two books are issued to meritorious students; top two students from each class are given the facility.
  6. Organizing workshop/seminar/conferences for LIS professionals.
  7. Implementation of radio frequency identification technology.

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Panchthupi, Panchthupi,(Near Panchthupi Bus Stand),
Burwan, Murshidabad, West Bengal, Pin-742161

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